Soothing Dog Bed by PresentPet
Soothing Dog Bed by PresentPet
Soothing Dog Bed by PresentPet
Soothing Dog Bed by PresentPet
Soothing Dog Bed by PresentPet
Soothing Dog Bed by PresentPet
Soothing Dog Bed by PresentPet
Soothing Dog Bed by PresentPet
Soothing Dog Bed by PresentPet
Soothing Dog Bed by PresentPet
Soothing Dog Bed by PresentPet
Soothing Dog Bed by PresentPet
Soothing Dog Bed by PresentPet

Soothing Dog Bed by PresentPet

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Tired of battling your dog for bed space at night?

Then this raised soothing dog bed is just what the veterinarian ordered. Not only will it help you reclaim your comfort and ability to stretch freely. It will also have a significant impact on your fur baby's health and quality of life.

PetMD Approved For Reducing Stress And Separation Anxiety

It's estimated that 40% of dogs suffer from stress or separation anxiety.  If these issues remain unchecked they can lead to a variety of heart-wrenching health issues …

  • Severe loss of appetite
  • Destructive behavior
  • Shorter life span

Prescription medicine isn't always necessary to correct these problems.  Expensive supplements aren't always the answer either. Sometimes, these issues can be rectified by improving your pet's comfort throughout the night.

That's why we tirelessly tested an extensive mix of materials before we made a final decision on what to use for our pet bed. As a result, your fur baby gets to rest in a donut dog bed that blends coziness and extravagance into one pleasurable sleeping experience.

You can be confident in its ability to live up to these claims because our PresentPet™ Soothing Dog Bed has PetMD's seal of approval.

This means your dog will enjoy higher-quality sleep that may assist with …

  • Sustaining a healthy appetite
  • Exhibiting good behaviour
  • Living past life expectancy

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does my dog NEED a bed?

  • A: Of course! Many Dog experts recommend having multiple beds for your dog. Why? There are plenty of benefits to having dog beds. They can be used for napping during the day and sleeping in at night. It is much more beneficial than laying on the floor, as our calming bed keeps your dog warm, supports arthritic joints, and prevents calluses!

    Q: Is it machine washable and dryer safe?

    • A: Every bed is 100% washer and dryer friendly. (Gentle cycle, tumble dry on low heat, or lay flat to air dry)

    Q: What material is it made from? Is it safe for my dog?

    • A: The bed is made from ultra-soft vegan fur. That is one of the comfiest materials. It's actually what baby blankets are made from!  Dogs are pack animals that tend to huddle together for comfort.  The soft fur on this pillow helps them mimic huddling with the pack. That huddling sensation can put your pet at ease during your departure.

    Q: Does it slip on the floor easily?

    • A: The bottom of the bed has small rubber knobs so it can grip the floor and stay put.

    Q: Why this bed out of every other bed online?

    • A: When designing our Soothing Dog Bed, our main goal in mind was to create the ultimate bed you need as an owner! We have been studying and surveying many dog owners into the troubles they face when purchasing a dog bed and have used these issues as inspiration to create our own dog bed. We have included almost every feature a good dog bed should have and combined it to make our one (the best one). It is extremely comfortable, easily washable, promotes calmness for anxious dogs, and ensures a cozy and healthy sleep!

      Q: Can I buy this bed at any retail store?

      • A: Our Soothing Dog Bed is not available in retail stores and are sold exclusively at We take pride in the quality of our products as a fast-growing eCommerce business. Join the family!

      Q: If I can't buy this be at a brick and mortar store, how can I trust buying online?

      • A: We understand there are anxieties involved when it comes to online shopping, but we have an incredible refund policy. We stand by our products 100%, but should you find yourself not satisfied with your order, we will give you a full refund on the product cost excluding shipping within 30 days. 

      Shipping Guide:

      Our beds are very popular, please allow between 6-12 days for shipping. However, our customer service team will keep you updated via email on your package and we will send you your tracking number when that becomes available. You can visit our 'track your order' page to constantly check up on your package!

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      Buy with complete confidence! If you purchase one of our products and either do not like it, can't find a way to install it, or find it defective in any manner, simply return it and send it back for a full refund.