Raised & Heated Dog Bed by PresentPet
Raised & Heated Dog Bed by PresentPet
Raised & Heated Dog Bed by PresentPet
Raised & Heated Dog Bed by PresentPet
Raised & Heated Dog Bed by PresentPet

Raised & Heated Dog Bed by PresentPet

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There's nothing more relaxing than a good night's sleep. This is actually true not only for people but as well as for dogs. According to the American Kennel Club, a dog's age, they may develop problems like arthritis, hip dysplasia, and other joint issues. To help with these issues, a supportive dog bed is imperative to cushion your dog’s body and provide relief from the pain associated with age-related health problems. A comfy dog bed also supports the joints of developing puppies too, ensuring a good night’s rest.

Our Raised & Heated Dog Bed by PresentPet is made with soft and comfortable materials that promote better sleep and health. Its wall is generously filled to gently wrap your pet providing them with security and comfort when they sleep.

PresentPet Snuggle Me Plush Cat Pillow Ultimate Support - This deep raised dog bed is made with pet-safe materials to make sure that your pet is safe. Stuffed with durable fibers and covered with an irresistibly soft cloth it will perfectly support your fur baby's body to provide the ultimate support when they are not feeling well for a restful sleep, better health, and a good mood. 

PresentPet Snuggle Me Plush Cat Pillow Flexible & Cozy 
- Our dog bed supports better sleep for your adorable pet. It can hold up to 25lbs that are perfect for cats, small dogs, and other pets. The bed's wall envelopes your pet to give them the cozy feel and have their own space. It is designed to accommodate different sleeping positions that they are comfortable with. 

PresentPet Snuggle Me Plush Cat Pillow Easy to Clean - This pet bed is designed to bring convenience for every pet parent. It is quick and easy to clean and are machine washable and dryer-safe. It maintains its softness even after every wash. The bottom fabric of this cozy dog bed is made of tough, water, and dirt-resistant nylon fabric. 

PresentPet Snuggle Me Plush Cat Pillow Soft & Comfortable  Created to be a sanctuary for your pet for them to relax and have a good night's rest. Our heated dog bed is super soft making it comfortable and therapeutically relaxing for your lovely fur buddy.

Recommended Pet Weight: Our Raised & Heated Dog Bed is best for dogs up to 25lbs.

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PresentPet Snuggle Me Plush Cat Pillow


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