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PresentPet Dog Carrier Backpack - Orange / L
PresentPet Dog Carrier Backpack - Green / S
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PresentPet Dog Carrier Backpack
PresentPet Dog Carrier Backpack
PresentPet Dog Carrier Backpack
PresentPet Dog Carrier Backpack
PresentPet Dog Carrier Backpack
PresentPet Dog Carrier Backpack

Dog Carrier Backpack by PresentPet

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"This carrier is AMAZING! Sturdy, comfy and convenient for both myself and my new puppy, 2.5 months old. The books say the puppy's socialization period is up to 12 weeks, so having this carrier to take him with me out of the house has been invaluable: school run, shop, bus ride, friends' houses. He loves it." - Alice

With our PresentPet™ Dog Carrier Backpack, you no longer have to worry about leaving your furry friend at home... all alone! Did you know that over 1.5 million dogs suffer from dog separation anxiety? (according to 'dogstrustdogschool'). Designed with both style and comfort in mind, our functional dog carrier is the ultimate way to spend time with your dog. Stay active and do all your activities with your dog like going hiking, walking, cycling, or simply hanging out. 01_10.jpg

 PresentPet Indestructible Dog Bite Toy Premium Comfort Soft EPE foam padded back and sides to reduce strain on your back while providing comfort to your pet. The removable sturdy bottom cover makes the carrier easy to clean. A simple cold water wash or wipe will do!

PresentPet Dog Carrier Backpack

 PresentPet Indestructible Dog Bite Toy Built For Portability - Easy access to side pockets and an elastic top closure to store all your pet necessities.

PresentPet Dog Carrier BackpackPresentPet Indestructible Dog Bite Toy  Exceptional Quality & Breathable Material - Made from breathable and lightweight mesh and polyester fiber, our dog carrier allows for proper airflow to keep your pet cool and comfortable in any weather!

PresentPet Indestructible Dog Bite Toy Adjustable & Padded Straps - Includes adjustable and padded straps with an extra waist strap to keep you and your pooch safe. Interior rope with clip to connect to your pet's collar and prevent them from jumping out.

PresentPet Indestructible Dog Bite Toy Wide Peephole - Allows your dog to enjoy the scenery and the sunshine while interacting with the world. Features a drawstring so you can adjust the size of the peephole.

PresentPet Dog Carrier Backpack

As dog owners, It is our job to ensure that our furry friends are happy, healthy and energized! This is why our dog carrier bag is a MUST HAVE! It will ensure that your furry friend gets out of the house more often and explores the world alongside his/her best hooman... YOU! This also makes a perfect gift for a friend or family who doesn't always have the time or energy to take their dogs out! It is convenient and extremely comfortable. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is a dog carrier backpack essential for me?

  • A: Absolutely! After studying and surveying many dog owners, we found out that a major issue for dog parents is the hassle and stress when going on walks with their furry friends. This inspired us to innovate a hassle-free backpack which will ensure peace of mind when you're walking with your pup, whether that is in a busy high street or in a peaceful park.

Q: How can I get my pup to love this carrier backpack?

  • Simply introduce the backpack to your dog gently and see how they respond. Patience is very important here as sometimes it can take a while for your dog to adjust to their new environment. We have taken care of the rest as we have provided quality materials and all the features a backpack should have to ensure a pleasurable walking experience with your dog.

Q: Can I buy this backpack at any retail store?

  • A: Our PresentPet™ Dog Carrier Backpack is not available in retail stores and is sold exclusively at We take pride in the quality of our products as a fast-growing eCommerce business. Join the family!

Q: If I can't buy this be at a brick and mortar store, how can I trust buying online?

  • A: We understand there are anxieties involved when it comes to online shopping, but we have an incredible refund policy. We stand by our products 100%, but should you find yourself not satisfied with your order, we will give you a full refund on the product cost excluding shipping within 30 days. 

Size Guide:

Recommended for small/medium dogs as they are easy to carry, large dogs are usually not suitable. Rule of thumb is if picking up your dog feels too heavy for you, then your dog may be too large for this carrier backpack. 

PresentPet Dog Carrier Backpack

Shipping Guide:

Due to high demand, please allow between 8-15 days for shipping. However, our customer service team will keep you updated via email on your package and we will send you your tracking number when that becomes available. You can visit our 'track your order' page to constantly check up on your package!

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