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"...I can now make beautiful memories with my best-friend when we go out for a walk!"

With our PresentPet™ Dog Carrier Backpack, you no longer have to worry about leaving your furry friend at home... all alone! Did you know that over 1.5 million dogs in the UK alone suffer from dog separation anxiety? (according to 'dogstrustdogschool'). Designed with both style and comfort in mind, our functional dog carrier is the ultimate way to spend time with your dog. Stay active and do all your activities with your dog like going hiking, walking, cycling, or simply hanging out. 

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee


I got a medium size and it looks like its going to be perfect for our King Schnauzer. The Backpack itself seems well made, I noticed a review where a strap had come loose, but can only assume this was a manufacturing defect as I'd tugged on all of the straps / stitching and it seems very solid. There's a PVC coated base in the backpack to provide a stable footing for your pet. The bag is made from a durable nylon mesh which allows plenty of ventilation for your pet, there is a drawstring around the head hole to ensure your pet doesn't jump out. The design of the shoulder straps ensure a good and comfortable fit when being worn, and there's a waist belt for added stability There are also some very handy pouches for any accessories your pets might require. I'm really looking forward to using this bag with my Pup!

- Jeremy P.

"I love it. She is 4.4 pounds Yorkie always on the go that likes to take motorcycle rides. This rucksack was perfect, it fit her and me well, the waist strap keeps the rucksack secure on my back, and she was safe and happy. She likes it so much that the minute she sees me pulling it out of the closet she is ready to jump in it. She was spayed recently and was having a bit of cabin fever but the vet said to keep the exercise to a minimum, so we got the carrier out and I kept her on my front as we hiked a couple of wood trails, she loved it"

- Sheila M.


Where do your products come from?

Absolutely! After studying and surveying many dog owners, we found out that a major issue for dog parents is the hassle and stress when going on walks with their furry friends. This inspired us to innovate a hassle-free backpack which will ensure peace of mind when you're walking with your pup, whether that is in a busy high street or in a peaceful park.

How can I get my pup to love this carrier backpack?

Simply introduce the backpack to your dog gently and see how they respond. Patience is very important here as sometimes it can take a while for your dog to adjust to their new environment. We have taken care of the rest as we have provided quality materials and all the features a backpack should have to ensure a pleasurable walking experience with your dog.

Can my dog breathe in this backpack?

Ofcourse! Our backpack is made from breathable and lightweight mesh and polyester fiber allowing proper airflow to keep your pet cool and comfortable in any weather. It also has a wide peephole which allows your dog to enjoy the scenery and the sunshine while interacting with the world. Features a drawstring so you can adjust the size of the peephole.

Is this safe? I am worried my pet will jump out!

Our backpack includes adjustable and padded straps with an extra waist strap to keep you and your pooch safe. Interior rope with clip to connect to your pet's collar and prevent them from jumping out.

What about shipping and delivery?

Due to high demand, please allow between 8-15 days for shipping. However, our customer service team will keep you updated via email on your package and we will send you your tracking number when that becomes available. You can visit our 'track your order' page to constantly check up on your package!


Recommended for small/medium dogs as they are easy to carry, large dogs are usually not suitable. 

Rule of thumb is if picking up your dog feels too heavy for you, then your dog may be too large for this carrier backpack. 

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

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